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Aarhus Burns 2020

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Aarhus Burns will take place in a hidden lush location in Aarhus from the 6th to the 9th of August.

Aarhus Burns is not a festival! It’s a village wherein everything that happens is created entirely by its inhabitants, who are active participants in the experience.

Our event is an experiment in community and art rooted in acts of giving and based on 10 principles. We invite you to familiarise yourself about it and the burner philosophy. If you do not manage to do this, we might burn you…

Put in short – your gateway to utopia is finally here! Carefully crafted by magical beings like you. Get ready to immerse yourself into living the 10 principles – and feel the love of the burner culture – for 3 days in Aarhus. The aim is to create a safe, inclusive space, in which the dreams of the collective can manifest.

There are no tickets available at Aarhus Burns, instead, there are a limited amount of memberships available. Once you have your membership, you are part of the burner community in Aarhus.