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Our Story (so far)

BurnerTickets.com birthed as a gift from one of the founders of a small burn in Kansas. After nailing the event, we shared it with a neighboring burn in 2015. In 2016, we shared it with several more.

In its first year, BurnerTickets.com, handled more than 3,000 tickets, representing $113,000 in membership and ticket fees, saving thousands of dollars in ticketing fees over corporate alternatives, while helping collect thousands in donations alongside ticket purchases, all of which went directly to art grants.

That was for just nine events.

We spent the first part of 2016 nailing down the ticketing and gate process.  Towards the end of 2016 we started building administrative tools, registration, and lottery systems, to help facilitate larger, high-demand events.

At the beginning of 2019, we now have folks working full time on this project, and working hard to create the next version of the platform.

BurnerTickets.com is ready to facilitate and save your event money.  We’re constantly adding new features and management tools and ways to better tailor the processes of raising funds, ticketing and gate to all kinds of burns and burn related events.

Why BurnerTickets.com?

Put simply, we’re burners that want to save you money.

BurnerTickets.com handles your ticketing process for a fraction of what typical services (with initials like BPT, TF, EB, etc.) charge. Usually, we save the event, or more accurately, it’s participants, at least 50 percent of what these services charge. Generally a lot more.

We work directly with your payment processor to that fund and immediately dispersed into your account. Once your event is live, you’re already raising the funds you need to put in on!

With newly-developed administrative tools, you can watch this in real time, track sales and donations, and access live reports on ticket sales and transfers.

And, as mentioned before, we’re burners. We’ve worked all levels of events similar to yours, from level one volunteering to administration, and we’re here to work with you to come up solutions to any problems or special needs you may encounter.

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