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Alma Burn 2018

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Description: After connecting at several Texas regionals and burns abroad, a small group San Antonio Burners committed to building a stronger local burner community and creating an event that reflected not only the principles of Burning Man, but that embraced and shared the unique culture of our home. Community support was instant and is growing stronger everyday.

Start Date: Thursday April 5th, 2018

End Date: Monday April 9th, 2018

For more information check out:  https://www.almaburn.com/

Alma Burn Terms Of Service

You voluntarily assume any risk of serious injury or death by attending.

You must bring enough food, water, shelter, and first aid to survive a five-day weekend in the Texas Hill Country.

The event is on rugged land. Proper footwear and personal lighting are essential.

You may encounter venomous snakes and insects, wild animals, cactus spines and cliffs. Extreme heat and flash flood conditions are possible.

This event is on riverfront. You are responsible when entering water.

Be Aware.

Vending, Glass bottles, firearms, fireworks, rockets, and all other explosives prohibited. Commercial use of images take at Alma Burn is prohibited without prior written consent of Yanaguana Community Arts Collective LLC.

A Survival Guide will be made available, which you must read before attending. You agree to abide by all rules in the Survival Guide.

Leave nothing behind when you leave the site.

  • No Vending

  • No Pets

  • No Spectators

  • Leave No Trace, Leave It Better Than You Found It.

Yanaguana Community Arts Collective LLC, reserves the right to deny entry to the event or to revoke event access at any time.

Tickets are Non-Refundable