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Atomic Falls USA 2017


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Welcome to Atomic Falls, a friendly little community conveniently located in the post-apocalyptic wilderness of the Ozark Mountains. We invite you to join us in the old township of Marble Falls, Arkansas May, 2017 for a camp-out and festival gathering of Wastelanders.

Historians believe the original buildings were once part of a pre-cataclysm structure called a “theme park.” Before the collapse of society, our home was called Dogpatch, USA. When our founders reclaimed the old park, they envisioned a crossroads where people could meet up along on the wasteland caravan routes that now connect the territories of the old USA. In the decades after the Cataclysm, Atomic Falls has grown into a place where travelers come to trade, barter, see a show, bet on a battle arena match, maybe pick up bounties for a few spare caps, then join in our town’s extremely lively night life. After a full day of fending off raider attacks from your caravan, sit and relax beside the rejuvenating waters of the spring-fed waterfall that flows from the old underground fusion reactor bunker.

We are proud to say that Atomic Falls welcomes all travelers, regardless of faction, clan, mutant DNA, or species. We think you’ll have a heckuva day at Atomic Falls, USA!

RV Pass Infomation

Do NOT buy an RV pass if you don’t need one, as RV parking spaces are limited!

There will be twelve (12) RV passes available. They are reserved for RV’s, busses, and campers 25 feet and up. They can add onto any other kind of ticket, including onto Art Tickets, and cost $10.00.

These tickets get you:
– a 24×40 RV spot, level, on concrete,
– right next to a main park road
– separate entrance for RV’S if they need to use it (main entrance road is steep & curvy.)
– Conveniently close to the main “downtown” area of the festival.
– no water/sewer or electric hookups.

If your RV or other vehicle over 20 feet is fully decorated or modified to Wasteland theme, AND it is part of an official Tribe Camp downtown, then please contact us before buying an RV pass. You may not need one.

If you have a trailer that you can unhitch & drop off at your campsite, such as a gypsy wagon, tiny house, etc, you don’t need an RV pass.