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Atomic Falls USA 2018

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Welcome Wastelanders! Do you like dressing in your favorite scavenged gear to go camping in the world’s largest apocalyptic themed areas? Do you live the after the bomb life style and are tired of wandering deserted cities and derelict highways alone? Do you enjoy loud music, battle-ready art cars, unnecessarily huge spiky weapons, and excessive drinking?

Of course you do! So do we. That’s why in May of 2018, we will have our second annual Atomic Falls tribal meeting. Our event has moved due to infiltration of Capital City by the children of the Atom, religious extremists bent on corrupting all into worshippers of the Bomb.

Last year we threw a Kick Ass tribal event that brought members from all across the North American Continent. How could this get even better? Glad you asked, friend. After the fall of Marble Falls, our War Chiefs have secured a new location. The 2018 Atomic Falls Tribal meeting will take place on a 1200 acre apocalyptic adventure themed park. Complete with wrecked vehicles, airplanes, buildings, and even a downed helicopter.

Ever dreamed of drinking a beer, watching an apocalyptic parade while standing on a crashed airplane? Because at Atomic Falls, USA we can make that dream a reality.

You have to see this place to believe it. And you can! Keep updated on all the latest event news, photos, announcements, and more!

For more information visit: https://www.atomicfallsusa.com/