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Bao Vest

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There is a legend that deep in the snowy alps lays a cabin where some lost travelers sought shelter a long time ago.

As they stepped outside to check if the weather had cleared up one of them discovered some lights glowing through the snow. They went closer and suddenly there was fire and music, all kinds of colors and creatures. The heavens seemed to have opened. So they danced, laughed and dreamed up a new world.

When the travelers woke up the next day with a dizzy head but feeling revitalized, the storm had subsided and there was no sign that anything exciting might have ever happened. With sudden ease they found the path to the next town and wondered: was it all a dream? Could it have been reality?

What the travellers didn’t know was that in this land in the mountains, far into the vast white otherworldliness, where the peaks are covered in snow all year round, there was little Panda Bao who decided to build his own place at this most beautiful spot, distant from civilisation – just for some days. The snow was smooth, his little speakers played his best sound and his light-installation skills were sophisticated. And as all clever panda bears he knew what to do when stepping out into dark nights and so he had put on his most beautiful fluorescent vest to be seen in the dark.
And it were the reflections of this vest that had guided the travelers to this new world on the white canvas that only snow can provide. And so they started to create.

All of us are travelers. Whether lost on our path or striding into the future with confidence. So let us come together in the spirit of taking a step of the path to celebrate that we exist, that we have each other and our shared love for wonder. And like in the story all signs of our adventure shall vanish.

BAO VEST is a yearly or so get together of people that are somehow connected through, or interested in Burning Man and regional sister events like Nowhere. Although BAO VEST is not an official Burning Man event, it remains inspired by the famous 10 principles. BAO VEST is about coming together and celebrating our bonds. It’s about connection, art and inspiration. This will be the 11th episode of our adventure in the snow.

Here you can do anything. No, it’s even better: If you decide not to do anything, you’ll freeze. The sunsets are in the west, and when you bao down, the rays of the setting sun will caress your newly created world and might tenderly float down your back and kiss your butt.

And you can always just take off your vest and upgrade to privacy as a Vest Ignoring Person.