Event ticketing solutions for burners, by burners

More burns, more tickets, more burners!

We’re very excited to be kicking things up a notch this month. After getting our feet wet with the Midwest regionals This Event is Cancelled and HullabalU last year, we’ve started off this year with the sell-out event, Interfuse, and dive into several more events, starting last month and this.

This month, we will be ticketing for four burns at once, welcoming the inaugural burn, Florida en Fuego and Missouri’s Gateway Burn, along with round three of This Event is Cancelled (BT’s home burn in KS) and Burning Down the River, also located in Missouri.

We will also be your home for tickets to HearthsOPhyre in Iowa and the ever-growing Resonance event in Wichita, as we add more burns along the way.

Happy Burn Year!