Event ticketing solutions for burners, by burners

Service & Pricing

Are you an event coordinator that is interest in our ticketing solution?  We would love to help alleviate the pain of all the complexities involved with event ticketing, and save you money along the way!  We specialize in burn events, but have also taken on other events such as Wasteland events, fundraisers, compression/decompression parties, etc.

Our core functionality is all included in our low $1 service charge.  Unlike other services, we do not take a percentage of your sales, additionally we do not pass additional cost onto your event participants.  We are firmly against all those extra fees that the “other guys” charge.  With that in mind, our $1 service fee should be built into the price you wish to charge your customers, as in most cases, we invoice events after their sales have ended.

So what is included in our core functionality?

Ticket Processing,
Event Management Portal,
1 hour of custom development per 500 ticket sales,
Ticket Transfers
API Access
Online Digital Ticket Scanning (Must have a gate team, and must explicitly ask for this service 90 days before your event)
PayPal & Stripe support (Note, these charge their own fees for processing)
European payment methods supported:  SEPA, SOFORT

What additional features are not included in our core functionality?  (And how much does additional features cost?)

Lottery sale (Additional $0.50 per ticket)
High-volume sale (Additional 0.20 per ticket, to cover extra server costs)
Built-in surveys — $50
Bilingual survey support — $50
Custom development — $40/hr if custom development has high re-usability for other events. $60/hr if specialized.
Offline Digital Ticket Scanning — $100 (Must have an IT team)