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Ticket Transfer FAQ

To help with any confusion around ticket transfers, we are providing this short FAQ to walk you through the process.


1. Once you have purchased a ticket, and you wish to transfer it, click on the “My Events / Transfers” button on the top menu.

2. Find the ticket you wish to transfer, and click the transfer button

3. Fill out the email address of the user you wish to transfer to, and click “Transfer”

4. You should now see the transfer as “Pending” in your transfer list. At this time, the person you are transferring to should receive an email within 30 minutes. The email will contain a link that they will click to accept the ticket transfer. Once the ticket transfer is complete, the ticket will no longer display on your “My Events” page.


1. Once someone has transferring you a ticket you will receive an email to accept/deny the ticket transfer. Click the “Accept/Deny” button in the email.

2. At this point you will need to log into your BurnerTickets account. If you do not have one, you will be able to create one.

3. You will be taken to the accept/deny page. On this page it will display the name we have on file for the logged in account. Please make sure you are logged into the account you wish to transfer the ticket to! Updating the name on this page will change the name on all tickets associated with the account. Once you have verified/updated the name on file, click the “Accept” button.

4. Congratulations! You now own the ticket! You can view it on the “My Events” page!