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Improving Speeds & Scalability

Hey all, just wanted to give an update on some of the things we are currently working on. In addition to supporting all the upcoming and current event sales, we have been doing a lot to improve the system. One of the major steps forward we have made, is starting to use a CDN for […]

Service & Pricing

Are you an event coordinator that is interest in our ticketing solution?  We would love to help alleviate the pain of all the complexities involved with event ticketing, and save you money along the way!  We specialize in burn events, but have also taken on other events such as Wasteland events, fundraisers, compression/decompression parties, etc. […]

Burning Man! (We’re off!)

YES, YES, YES!!! We are excited, to once again, return home.  This year we are involved in two major Burning Man projects. Matt (SexyPants) is part of the crew building and supporting this years Temple.  You can learn more about the 2017 Temple here: http://www.temple2017.org/.  SexyPants may be able to be found at Furniture Car Rally […]

We’re at The Borderland!

It is definitely burning season!  As such are going to The Borderland Burn in Denmark from today (July 23rd) to July 30th!  We will get to your messages as soon as humanly possible.  Hope to see many of you at The Borderland! -SexyPants

Going Nowhere!

It is definitely burning season!  As such we’ll are going to Nowhere Burn in Spain from today (June 2nd) to June 9th!  Please allow some extra time for support request responses.  We will get to your messages as soon as humanly possible.  Hope to see many of you at Nowhere and at The Borderland later […]

Milestones: First International Burn,...

These are some exciting times for us at BurnerTickets.com!  As of today, we have begun the registration process for our first lottery.  Our lottery system has been in the works for months, and is now available to all customers who want an alternative to the standard “first come, first serve” process.  It’s a fantastic solution […]