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Burning BÄR

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Burning Bär is the regional German event inspired by Burning Man. The event has taken place annually ever since 2014 in various locations in Germany. It can be described as an arts event, but it is actually many things. During the day, there are workshops, performances, and talks; while concerts, cabarets, and parties happen at nighttime. Based on the principles radical self-reliance, participation, and non-commercialism, Burning Bär is what participants make of it!

The theme for 2018:  “EXTRAWURST”

“Extrawurst” is a German expression of disapproval relating to someone wanting or receiving special treatment. One would say, “er/sie möchte immer eine Extrawurst gebraten haben” (“he/she always demands an additional/special sausage fried for him/ her”) to express that someone wants something out of the ordinary solely for himself.

Bus Information

Bus shuttles will be leaving on Friday 23d from Berlin Südkreuz and back on Sunday 4pm!

Bus A departs at 1PM local time.
Bus B departs at 6PM local time.
Bus C departs at 2PM local time.

For more information visit: http://www.burningbaer.de/