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Burning Down The River 2018

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EVENT LINK: https://www.facebook.com/events/2011075069125472

EVENT CALENDAR July 13th – 22nd
As you might have noticed this year BDR has increased the time of having fun. So what can we expect?

You will be able to leave and return to the event with a minimal re-entry fee of $10.00.

FIRST WEEKEND: Royal Potluck
Saturday July 14th
The first weekend is about the Pot Luck. Set up your camp, relax. This gives plenty of time to prepare something delicious! If you like cooking and sharing treats, this is certainly the time for you. In the past there have been too many event highlights packed in one day. This year, the Pot Luck kicks off BDR with “The “Royal Potluck” event that first Saturday!

Any Day Float and River Fun
July14th – July 20th
Theme camps, groups and individuals can participate in daytime floats on the Gasconade River any day during the event before July 21st. Official transportation is not needed for small groups or individuals that wish to float. Just remember to arrange a ride back to Rollins Ferry start point, or just get dropped off by a friend so there is no vehicle responsibility once you have floated back. The Transportation EC may also be available to help coordinate your good time. Relax and hang out at the river. It’s time to enjoy without the rush.

SECOND WEEKEND: Official BDR Float & Fire Ceremony
Saturday July 21st
The final weekend is the BDR Float Trip and Evening Fire Ceremony!!!

Event End
Sunday July 22nd 5pm
The event ends. Time to pack up and get back to where you came from. Even though the event is over on Sunday remember no rush why rush. We expect everyone to be gone on Monday July 23rd by 5pm.