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Something beautiful is about to hatch from an egg!

FLAMINGALO, the Burning Man inspired event, is coming to the Heart of Portugal.
We have been dreaming of a gathering that sets the foundation for our community in Portugal. We have been dreaming of a place we can call home – and now we have found it!
Nestled in the beautiful region of central Alentejo, join us to hatch this wonderling of co-creation from a nest of fire and see it take flight.

We are at the beginning of a wonderful journey and invite you to participate in the creation of something fiery and magical, traditional yet new, inspired by others and yet unique in its own way: this is FLAMINGALO.

Our community adheres to the 10+2 principles of Burning Man.

Address: Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal
Event Website? https://www.facebook.com/events/917181013012314

Cancellation Policy / No-Refund Policy: All sales are final, however, ticket transfers are available via the BurnerTickets platform until September 29th 2022. Participants can resell their tickets to others for no more than face value of a ticket. When using the ticket transfer feature the seller should transfer the ticket before receiving money. The buyer should wait until they have received the ticket to send money to the seller. If a buyer does not send money to the seller, we can easily move your ticket back to your account. This is to help protect folks from scammers.

COVID Policy: 

Adhere to all local regulations and requirements from health authorities in place at the time of the event. National measures – https://covid19estamoson.gov.pt

Updated information you can find at DGS – Portuguese General Directorate of Health (https://covid19.min-saude.pt).

Before traveling, it is important to confirm the entry formalities and procedures with the airline company and the Portuguese border service – SEF (www.sef.pt / gricrp.cc@sef.pt).

If needed all participants will be required to show proof of vaccination or recent resting, as well as wear face masks when not being able to respect the minimum distancing rules.