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Hearths O’ Phyre 2022

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Hearths O’ Phyre is a sanctioned Iowa Regional Burn, located in Conesville, IA.
We are a 10+1 Principles event. No guns. No fireworks. No pets.

10 Principles of Burning Man:

Radical Inclusion
Radical Self-Reliance 
Radical Self-Expression 
Communal Effort 
Civic Responsibility 
Leave No Trace 

In addition, a deep respect for and understanding of our adopted “11th principle,” Consent, is expected of all participants throughout the event, and of all community members throughout the year. 

During the before times when we pretended all was well and everything was equitable we were broken; we are broken. Today we start anew, with new ideas, fresh practices, verdant seeds and actual nourishment. We must burn down the status quo, discard the known and broken and start from scratch with the hands of every single person turning the soil.

Thursday September 22nd to Sunday September 25th, 2022

Mark your calendars, start your creative engines, and prepare to meet at the drag strip!! )'(