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HearthsOPhyre 2019

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HearthsOPhyre: Where the Sidewalk Ends

In the year of 1963, the world became introduced to the big heart and wild imagination of Shel Silverstein. For 36 years, he delighted children and adults alike with the wisdom contained in his wacky poetry and art. Within his works there are messages that we embrace so deeply in the burner community today- Lean into the continuous ebb and flow of life and do so in style, face the monsters that be (even the ones that live within us), and always, ALWAYS be yourself without fear or shame. Join us in celebration of Shel Silverstein’s joyous perceptions of the fantastical human journey…just meet us where the sidewalk ends!

Start Date:  October 4th @ Noon
End Date:  October 6th

Sale Begin Date: July 4th
Sale End Date:  September 27th

EventMax (Max tickets that can be sold): ~350
Age Restrictions?  No
Kid Friendly?  Yes
Pet Friendly? No

Ticket Transfers Allowed? Yes
… until : September 27