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HearthsOPhyre 2021

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Behind each portal lies a different realm full of mystical creatures and otherworldly delights.

Create a magical portal to the world that is your theme camp to tempt adventurous souls to join in your special brand of revelry and art! What creatures do you find there? What does your realm look like? Do you provide a dimension of relaxation and comradery or a caffeine fueled pocket in space where the coffee flows into infinity? Perhaps a spot where mortal souls can slip the bonds of Earth and float in the embrace of elaborately tied ropes. Whatever magic you bring to share, create a portal or doorway to welcome your new friends to experience what you’ve created. The options are endless with HearthsOPhyre 2021: Pathway of Enchanted Portals!

Start Date: September 23
End Date: September 26
Age Restrictions? No
Kid Friendly? Yes
Pet Friendly? No
Smoking Allowed? Yes
Address: 18745 IA—70, Conesville, IA 52739-8056, United States