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HearthsOPhyre 2018

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HearthsOPhyre is a 3 day event located in Eastern Iowa in the Fall. Inspired by Burning Man, we come together to build a city of tents, domes, music, light, dance, and of course FIRE, in the spirit of Radical Self-Expression. At the end of the event we dismantle our city and adhere to the principle of “Leave No Trace”, you will never know that we were there, and leave it in a better state than we found it- pack it in and pack it out. So grab people you know, and once registrations opens, sign up and come be yourself. We promise you will never be a number to us but viewed as one — heh heh –seriously fun, unique individual.

“The Year of the Rooster. In Chinese astrology the Rooster is a Communicator; talkative, social, connecting. Mercury has a pet Rooster that communicates with the Gods. The Celts believe Roosters carry messages to the Underworld. What is the message you want to crow to the world? What missive will you bring to Hearths?

We might associate Roosters with the sun, after all they announce its arrival. But did you know that Roosters crow during a Full Moon. The Rooster is not a servant of the Sun. He serves the Light.

Come all you little Light-Bearers, walk Proud and display your Beauty. Sing your Message loud to the World. We are Listening.”