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Ignition 2020

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A lil bit party, a lil bit art fund-raiser, a dash of community development, and 100% good time. Join us to celebrate the kickoff of the burn planning season. All proceeds raised at the event directly support art grants at InterFuse. It’s a win-win! You get to attend a board meeting and attend the coolest party so far this year WHILE HELPING TO CREATE ART. It’s brilliant, really. Come throw down with us.

Our DAY SCHEDULE is below. Please note that ALL of these sessions are open to the community at large, but that you need to attend the 3 PM educational session if you’d like to attend the 3:45 cuddle session (I love living a life where I got to write those lines) —   No exceptions.

11 AM to 1 PM – MWB Board Meeting
1 PM to 1:30 PM – Lunch/Shenanigans Break
1:30 PM to 2:30 PM – Leads/EC Meeting 
2:30 PM to 3 PM – Future of LNT/Earth Guardians at IF – Discussion
2:30 PM – Cuddle Party – Arrival Period (As you need to be on time for the 3 PM start of the Cuddle Party,
2:30 to 3:00 PM is the arrival period)
3 PM to 3:45 PM – Cuddle Party Welcome Circle & Consent Education Session (required to attend 3:45 cuddle party) – Doors are closed promptly at
3 PM / No late admittance – No exceptions. 
3:45 to 6:30 PM – Ignition Cuddle Party (You must attend the 3 PM  educational session to attend this, but you can attend the 3 PM Cuddle Party Welcome Circle & Consent Education Session and stay for as much or as little of the actual cuddle party itself.

At night, we. will. get. down. DOORS AND MUSIC AT 7 PM. The lineup is below:

 7:00-7:45   NF2HYPE 
7:45-8:00   Brad Gilbert
8:00-8:35   Broken Trojan
8:35-9:25*   Scott’s Zune
9:25-10:00   Josh & Carmen
10:00-10:15   Loooonglegs
10:15-11:10   My Pet Monster
11:10-12:05   Juice
12:05-1:00   Injun
* at 9 PM, Satania, Kasper Yokai, and Morphisleo will be spinning fire *outside*** Blackbird will be doing tarot throughout the evening
Throughout the night, we’ll have all kinds of opportunities for you to engage with art and one another — and to contribute art grants at InterFuse. Here are just a few of the things going on! 

AN ART AUCTION – come bid on your favorite burner-donated pieces — Fill your house with art!! If you’ve got art you’d like to donate, bring it and we’ll get it put out. Please bring anything you’d like to use to showcase it (like if you’d like it on an easel — otherwise we’ll put it on a table or hang it, whatever we can figure out). 

A RAFFLE – INTERFUSE TICKET #1 PEOPLE. THAT SHIT AIN’T EVEN ON SALE YET. That’s what’s going on here. It’s like we stole the ticket. We might have. We’ve got a pretty shifty group here. You want it? We’ve got it. That’s all I’m saying. We also have some art up for grabs as part of the raffle and some tickets to a future cuddle party. You know. Just normal raffle shit.
BURNER CLOTHING SWAP – Swap out your old shit for new shit. Everything old is new again, just like that!  How this works is you bring YOUR burn gear that is now just taking up space and you put it on a hanger and someone else grabs it and they leave something really look and you take THAT. Boom. Wardrobe upgraded!

CASH-ONLY BAR – Bring. Yo. Motha. Fuckin. Paper. There is NO ATM at this venue. WE ARE DOING IT RAW PEOPLE.

CLOTHING DRIVE FOR THE HOMELESS – Bring your warm winter clothes, new socks, etc. To donate to area homeless! 

Ignition Website URL:
Venue Address: 1107 Hickory St, Kansas City, MO
Ignition is a MWB event designed to bring together the MWB community at the beginning of the burn planning season, raise funds for art grants, and provide opportunities for community development.

Start Date: 01/25/2020
End Date: 01/25/2020
Ticket Sale End Date: 01/23/2020
Total Tickets: 100
Ticket Transfer End Date: 01/22/2020