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InterFuse 2017

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InterFuse 2017: Repurpose Revolution

Sales begin at noon (CST) February 24th.

InterFuse is the largest Midwest Regional Burn – a yearly camping event that takes place in May. The goal of InterFuse is to unite in the celebration of art, fire, and life. We build a temporary city of tents, domes, light, dance, fire and music, revel in our community for the duration of the event, and then pack everything out while leaving no trace.

In short, we bring a bit of the fire of Burning Man back to the midwest for a weekend.

The theme for InterFuse 2017 is Repurpose Revolution.

Innovation through reuse. You know what they say: one man’s trash is a burner’s treasure. Ok, maybe they don’t say that, but what if they did? A theme based on repurposing, reusing, upcycling, recycling, whatever you want to call it. People all over the world are acknowledging our over consumption and production of waste and are increasingly aware of the detriment to our earth and have started thinking up innovative and creative ways to repurpose in art, fashion, and building.

Repurpose Revolution brings civic responsibility to the forefront by forcing participants to take a look at the trash in their own homes and community and think of a way to reuse it. And reuse it as only a burner can! Imagine art, structures, sculptures, costumes, the effigy – all built from repurposed items. From trash to art! 2017 marks our first all ages burn, and Repurpose Revolution will be a great introduction to the creativity and resourcefulness of our community to our young people – our future. And who better to inspire us? Kids have been making art from popsicle sticks and milk cartons for decades! How will you recycle?


Visit the event web site at http://interfuse.midwestburners.com/

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