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InterFuse 2023

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Through the Mushroom Ring

Otherworldly adventures await those brave or foolish enough to take a leap through a faire ring.

You awoke to find your camp surrounded by a spontaneous dusting of mushrooms, the default “normal” world you hailed from fading from your mind like the memory of dream. The name you once bore gone – traded away and replaced with a more fitting and descriptive cognomen in this preternatural gathering. Hardly alone in your adventure you find scores of other travelers – creative and stunning with their beautiful art and captivating engagement.

Delightful treats and delicacies are offered – entirely free of course. There is no such thing as currency in this fairy tale world.

Burns have always been magical. In 2023 we want to leave the default world of mortals behind to escape; through the mushroom ring to a world of our own making.

Fairies, magic, elves and pixies dancing in the moon; cottage-core tea parties; fire wrangling dragons, and glib goblin antics. All these and more to be found on the other side.

Start Date: 05/18/2023
End Date: 05/21/2023

Sale End Date: 05/04/23
Ticket Transfers End: 5/11/2023

Address: Shriners Club Campground — 26920 Shrine Road Laquey, Missouri 65534 United States
Website: https://midwestburners.com/events/interfuse/