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Experimentalia – Le Feu au Lac 2023

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Cancellation Policy: Cancel any time before 1 June (contact the event for cancellation). After that tickets can be exchanged but not refunded. The organization team may not be able to issue refunds in the case of event cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. another pandemic).


This event will be held outside of St. Cergue, in Swiss Romande. The closest city is Geneva, which is about an hour away by car and/or public transport.

There are three categories of ticket:

General Admission (GA) – Bed in a dorm. Here you have access to a single bed in a dorm style room in one of two buildings, one of which is closer to the DJ booth than the other (thus loud vs quiet).

General Admission (GA) – Camping. This is in a field a little back from both buildings and will likely be quiet.

Generous Good Fairy – This doesn’t get you any extras but if you are feeling generous and wealthy and want to help out a small burn, it does earn you our undying love and gratitude.

Are you ready for an unforgettable experience of art, music, and community? Experimentalia, a community of Burners from the Francophone part of Switzerland, is excited to announce our upcoming event in Geneva: “Le Feu au Lac: 2023”. 

2023’s theme is “Rebirth”. We have all been forced into hibernation the last couple of years. As we begin to re-enter the world, will we go back to our old ways? Or can we instead grant ourselves space to experiment, to change, to become something new? A burn is a place for self exploration and self expression. Who would you be if you could be born anew, as a more authentic version of yourself? What would you look like, how do you spend your time, who would you love? If you could wipe the slate of the world clean, what would you draw on it? 

Come play with us as we seek transformation and hope to find new, better beginnings. The event will feature a variety of art installations, an effigy burn, workshops and a lineup of amazing DJ’s and musicians, and whatever YOU bring to share.

But it needs you to make it work! How? By working with us on a few key things:

  1. Experimentalia is a Burn, NOT A FESTIVAL. At a burn, we are all creating something together. You want to see something cool at this burn? Make it! Bring it! Invite others to help you build it! Part of the ticket price goes to support grants for artists looking to make a big project. Information about art grants for project ideas you might have will be sent around a few months before the festival. 
  2. Le Feu au Lac is staffed by YOU. Burns are co-created at every level, which means we all help organize in ‘shifts’. Shifts are a great way to meet people, to learn about burner culture, and to have a chance to get involved and make something together. And shifts are meant to be fun!!! Please indicate in the form below which shift interests you. More information on what shifts entail can be found on our event page here: https://experimentalia.org/when/25-27-august-2023/ 
  3. Shift LEADS are especially in demand! Are you an experienced burner, or interested to do some pre-burn organizing? Please indicate in the form below if you might be interested in leading a shift. Available ones are described.
  4. Keep our community fun, and also safe. At Experimentalia we follow the 10 principles of Burning Man, plus a key 11th: Consent. Each beautiful person who comes to our events makes their own decisions about what is okay for their body, emotions and personal space. If you come to the event you must agree to always ask before touching someone, taking a photo, or posting a photo to social media. More on other principles here: https://experimentalia.org/what/#principles 
  5. FOOD: At the moment, we do not intend to provide food. There is a well-equipped, functional kitchen with running water and refrigeration, though storage space will probably be limited. And there is a large dining room. If someone wants to take on kitchen lead and gift a meal, feel free to make us of the space 🙂
  6. If you have any burning [heh] questions, get in touch with us at etincelle@experimentalia.org, or check out one of the links below. 

More information:

Our website: www.experimentalia.org 

Event page including shift info: https://experimentalia.org/when/25-27-august-2023/ Our discord server: https://discord.gg/XHR9Eqd4pr