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Lottery FAQ

When I try to assign my +1, the email address is coming back as invalid!

This can be caused by two things:
#1 – The user did not register for the lottery.  A handful of folks registered accounts with BurnerTickets but did not actually register those accounts for the lottery.  In this case, they will not be able to receive a +1 during the lottery.

#2 – You’re typing the email address incorrectly.  Check it, double check it, triple check it.

Oh no!  My invite expired!

Unfortunately when an invite expires, it is given back to the lottery pool for the next person in line. We (BurnerTickets and the event organizers) made a decision early on that we will not be making exceptions for folks who missed their deadline. Don’t give up hope though! You can still be added as someone’s +1, and there will be ticket transfers available.

Ticket Transfer FAQ:  https://burnertickets.com/the-borderland-membership-transfer-process-faq/


I need to buy a ticket for someone who isn’t registered

Tickets may only be purchased for those who registered prior to the lottery allocation.


I bought a membership, but did not use my +1

Your +1 membership must be used at the time of purchase. After your purchase is completed, if your +1 is not utilized, it is added back into the lottery pool, and cannot be returned to you.


I need to re-assign my guest membership

Once your +1 is assigned, it is assigned to that person. That person could later transfer that +1, but you will not be able to.


You card has been declined

The credit process is being declined by your bank or card issuer. This may be due insufficient funds or another issue. You can attempt to contact your bank or use a different card.

Specifically, you made have received a message which says: “Status is:402 Type is: card_error Code is:card_declined Param is: Message is:Your card was declined.”

Note:  We will not extend any invites due to declined cards.


I need to transfer my membership

Transfers are now live!  Please click here for information on how to transfer!


How long do I have to purchase my membership

Invites expire 24 hours for The Borderland, and 48 hours for Kiezburn after the email offer has been sent. Once your membership window expires, you will not be able to purchase a ticket/membership.

If you have additional questions, or something not covered here, feel free to contact us:  at fyd@burnertickets.com