Event ticketing solutions for burners, by burners

Milestones: First International Burn,...

These are some exciting times for us at BurnerTickets.com!  As of today, we have begun the registration process for our first lottery.  Our lottery system has been in the works for months, and is now available to all customers who want an alternative to the standard “first come, first serve” process.  It’s a fantastic solution […]

Ticket solutions for burns, and more

BurnerTickets is first and foremost a ticketing solution for both sanctioned and un-sanctioned regional burns and burner-related events. Additionally, we are happy to work with other non-profit events to find non-corporate (or less-corporate) solutions for their online and print ticket processing. If your non-profit event is looking for solutions, please reach out to us at fyd@burnertickets.com let […]

No Scalping Policy

Hello all, Burner Tickets is happy to announce we will be carrying forth Burning Man’s policy of no scalping. All tickets bought from this site shall be resold at face value – no more, but less if you choose (and gifting is a wonderful choice). We look to help facilitated this process in the future though […]

More burns, more tickets, more burner...

We’re very excited to be kicking things up a notch this month. After getting our feet wet with the Midwest regionals This Event is Cancelled and HullabalU last year, we’ve started off this year with the sell-out event, Interfuse, and dive into several more events, starting last month and this. This month, we will be ticketing for four […]

Open for burn, event ticketing

With a few burns under our belts, we’re ready to expand to more burns and more events, with the primary goal of serving burners and burner events. We offer full online ticket processing, as well as printing options, with the goal of taking out the middle folk, undercutting corporate ticket options and funneling more of the […]