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River of Fire 2021

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Welcome Home! And congratulations on being part of the first year of River of Fire! As we slowly emerge from our safe spaces, we see that things have changed.  Our lives, and the world, will never be the same.  New forms of celebration will need to be expressed.  And it is our task to test these methods in the natural beauty of Northern Iowa.
We provide: four days and three nights of camping deep in a driftless canyon on the banks of the Yellow River.  Limited electrical sites. Sanitation and portos throughout the venue.  No potable water, bring what you need to survive. 
You provide: camping necessities for the duration of the event. Art and ideas to make it go. 
This is a non-sanctioned burn-inspired event.  We strive to uphold the Eleven Principles in our organization and execution.  However there will be some key differences in our rules as compared to a regular burn. Ask questions. Take note. Come prepared.

In/Outs are allowed/required for some activities planned.  However wristbands need to be worn at all times.  No re-entry without an intact wristband. 

All ages event — We are not billed as kid friendly.  Take responsibility for your family

Pets are allowed. Individuals are responsible and liable for their pets.

Ice will be the only commodity for sale at the event.

This is a volunteer run event.  It will require help from some of the participants, as well as all of the ECs, to make it happen.  There will be many opportunities to help if you want to.  And individuals who donate generously of their time could be rewarded with directed discount tickets at future RoF events.  Thank you for your help in making this possible.

We are not for profit, gain, or promotion outside of our event.  All donations and ticket sale monies will be applied to hosting expenses or distributed among contributing artists.  Art donations are appreciated and encouraged.

Location: 1878 Old Mission Dr., Harpers Ferry, IA 52146 

Ticket transfer cutoff:  Tuesday August 17th @ noon