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Saguaro Man 2023

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Cancellation Policy: No Refunds

Come out to Willcox, AZ, and join us for 5 days of large-scale art, music, performance art, and interactive participation. The AZBurners are an interactive group of artists, performers, musicians, and participants of the Burning Man event that takes place in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada.

Create & Participate, No Spectators!


Waking from a dream within a dream … within a dream, in the grips of a global cataclysm, we emerge into a collective emergency!

Fact, AND it’s time to do together, what we cannot do alone. Historically, movement into a new era has been met with some of the most inspirational artistic expressions of the times. An emergence of new ways of coming together informs our future and shapes a new reality. The AZ Burner community is emerging on our new land. We are birthing into new territory, into the unknown. And we are doing so at a time of radical change and necessary adaptation. Burners are good at this, it is what we do best!!!

Saguaro Man, 2023, is an opportunity to bring our ingenuity together like never before. How can you be a part of our communal emergence? Join us collectively, arising together for the good of All, with a spark in our step and dust in our souls.

We can’t do this without everybody’s help. Please go to https://azburners.org/volunteering/ and sign up to volunteer!

Transfer/Gift only No refunds

ALL Sales/Transfers End Date: 11:59 PM, Sunday, April 30th.

No ticket sales at Gate

Please DO NOT show up without purchasing a Ticket you will not be allowed entry to the event

Gate closes at Midnight W-F 4 pm Saturday

Saguaro Man Start Date: Noon, Wed. May 10th
End Date: 3 PM, Sun May 14th

You will not receive paper tickets – Saguaro Man Tickets are Will Call Only.

Respect our Neighbors and our community. If you arrive early, you will be sent back to Willcox to wait. Pick up any litter you see.

Support our community by shopping locally. https://us-business.info/directory/willcox-az/

Ticket Transfers/gifts are permitted through Burnertickets.com 

Tickets are not to be sold above face value. Event producers are not responsible for money transfers.

Saguaro Man is an event created by the AZBurners community to bring the culture of Burning Man and Black Rock City to our region. We expect each attendee to participate in the event in some way. Participation and creative interaction are core values of our culture. Create, participate, no spectators! Respect for alternative lifestyles and cultures is required.

What to Bring – Saguaro Man is a Bring Everything event and a Leave No Trace Event – This means you need to bring with you all Food, Clothing, Bedding, Shelter, Drink, Gifts, and whatever else you need to have an amazing weekend @ Saguaro Man!

Public nudity is permitted, public lewdness is not.

For more information, please contact the host – AZ Regional Productions, LLC (AZBurners on behalf of Saguaro Man – An Arizona Regional Burn)

Email SaguaroMan@AZBurners.org

Information https://azburners.org/

More Information https://azburners.org/info-center/

11 Principles https://azburners.org/the-11-principles/

Code of Conduct https://azburners.org/az-burner-code-of-conduct/

The 11th Principle


Boundaries are defined by each individual person and interaction. It is everyone’s responsibility to seek and communicate definitive consent. One must not assume consent by perceived group behavior or past experience. Consent applies to one’s experience, body, and property.

Click here to Learn about consent https://azburners.org/consent/

Figurative Back of the Ticket: 

You may be infected by an illness, sustain property damage or loss, become seriously injured, have your feelings hurt, become permanently disabled, or even die by attending this event.