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TEIC 2019

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This Event Is Cancelled #6 – There’s a Law for That!
There are thousands of laws that govern us. The law of gravity keeps us grounded, while the Principles of Burning Man allow us to soar! What is the deciding point between what society deems shouldn’t be violated? Why do we need laws to protect against discrimination from one another? Are laws more than guidelines? Why do we enforce some laws more than others? Sometimes we think, there oughta be a law! But then you find it’s illegal to drink wine from a teacup, and you’re like, “Oh, snap! There IS a law for that!”

Start Date: 07/24/19
End Date: 07/28/19
Sale Begin Date: 03/24/19 @ midnight Saturday the 23rd
Sale End Date: 07/13/19
EventMax: 250