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TEIC 2021

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This Event Is Cancelled (TEIC) 2021 Theme: Disaster At The Drive In!
August 14th-15th (Must clear the land by noon on the 15th)
Location: 15913 Dragoon Creek Rd Eskridge, KS 66423 (Higginbotham Ledge Rock Quarry)
Gate will open at Noon on the 14th and close at 9pm Film, pre-burn, and effigy after sundown!

All ages, no pets, presale tickets only, no sales at gate. Must have valid ID (unless under 18 w/guardian) with ticket to enter, more detailed event guide will be made available by Email to ticket holders.

Open primitive overnight camping area available.

Please observe LNT & Radical Self-reliance, pack in-pack out and bring everything you would need especially food & water, no vending.

This Event Is Cancelled is staffed entirely by volunteers and is hosted by Topeka Area Burners, part of Midwest Burners a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization to bring the culture of Burning Man closer to home.

We expect each attendee to participate & volunteer in some way, no spectators! Volunteer signups: https://signup.com/go/TWjOVHZ

TEIC is an official Kansas Regional Burning Man event that follows and recognizes 11 principles, the 10 principles of Burning Man and Consent as a principle. More information about the principles here: https://burningman.org/…/philosophical…/10-principles/ http://www.11thprincipleconsent.org/

Art Grant submissions dead line has been extended to 7/14! Art Grant Committee lead by TAB Art Coordinator Molly Welsh. More info about Art Grants on the post in comments. Submit your completed application or any questions to: tabarts@midwestburners.org Please include the following in your emailed submission: – Project title & description – Drawings or visuals that aid in the description – Total budget breakdown for project – Total dollar amount requesting – A list of burn events you plan to take the project to

Current Leadership: Event Coordinator – Kris Magee
Groundkeepers lead & FAST lead – Sharky John Hooker w/support from Megaphone Shaun Keller
Volunteer Coordinator & Lamp lighter lead – Piper DJ Jones
Placement lead & Events Organizer (The Games Warden) – Litty Titty AJ Calvin w/support from Kris Magee
Gate Lead- Matt Cortez
Medic Lead- David Bronson w/support from Molly Welsh
Earth Guardians – MaMa Amy Carter

Need a ride? https://www.facebook.com/groups/488815894602776/?hc_location=ufi

This Event Is Cancelled ‘21 Disaster at the Drive-In This years theme commemorates the old school drive-in movie experiences.

Burns already have this feel to them when it comes time for the fire performances and the effigy entertainment, everyone gathers around to watch the show. A sense of community forms during that time while we watch with our loved ones, friends, and even family. We all “ooo” and “ahh” at the sight, we yell and clap, we hold hands, kiss, and embrace. We are all connected in that moment whether we’re right next to each other or across the field, we are all witnessing and taking part at the same time.

Help us rebuild our community as we start to come together again. And what better old school Drive-In movies are there then those that give you the scene of suspense and horror? And what better place to experience one than on a camping trip, out of town, in the secluded wilderness? Creepy setting, creepy movie, bring the DISASTER!

We’ll be showing the movie Night of the Living Dead (1969 directed by George A. Romero) projected onto our effigy area at sundown. This movie doesn’t have an official MPAA rating but please be advised it does contain “gruesome violence” so if you choose to not watch, or are guardians of minors attending that you choose to not expose to the film, please avert from that area while the feature is being presented.

TEIC This year will be set up a little differently than in the past, the parking will be structured so the film can be viewed from your vehicle for those who do not yet want to be in crowds, but of course you can remove yourself from the parking area if you’d like to. While this film is very heavily zombie themed we welcome all expressions, especially those that are Horror/Sci-Fi movie/Drive-In related.