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TEIC 2022

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Dates: August 4th to the 7th
Gate hours: Thursday 10a-9p, Friday 10a-9p, and Saturday 10a-7p
Location: 4552 Anderson Rd, Topeka, KS 66617

Last day to transfer tickets: July 30th
Last day to buy tickets: July 23rd

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COVID Requirements:
This year we will be requiring, in addition to your usual ID and ticket, a negative Covid test. You must bring an unused test with you and take the test upon arrival in front of a gate volunteer before leaving your vehicle. The gate volunteer will verify your results are negative and then you will be permitted to leave your vehicle to check in at the gate area.

If your results are positive you will not be permitted entrance, anyone else in the vehicle with someone who has tested positive will also not be permitted entrance. In the event of a positive test result at the gate you can test again. If your result is still positive you will be asked for your ticket numbers, the gate volunteer will verify them, and they will be valid for next year’s event.

We recommend that you take a test before leaving on your journey to the burn so that in the unfortunate event of a positive test you’re not turned away at the gate. It is also recommended to bring more than one test, you will have the option to retest if you’re positive. Please arrive with adequate time to allow for this, and thank you for your contribution in keeping our community safe!

Volunteering sign ups: More will be up soon!

Theme: Tardigrade Tough
What’s a Tardigrade you ask? And, how are they tough? Also, why is this a good theme?
A Tardigrade is better known by its nickname the water bear. The water bear is a near-microscopic animal that is nearly indestructible and can even survive in outer space. They can survive altitudes of over 19,600 feet and depths more than 15,000 feet below the surface. They can withstand temperatures as low as minus 328 degrees Fahrenheit and hotter than 300 degrees F. They can also survive exposure to radiation, boiling liquids, and up to six times the pressure of the deepest part of the ocean. These little guys can also survive a crushing impact of about 1.14 gigapascals of pressure.
If you know TEIC like we know TEIC than you know that we like to survive. We like being known for our extreme conditions and extreme weather.
We have also overcome a lot to still be here, not just weather. And, we are still overcoming and surviving to be here as we move to a new location to call home.
This theme is more than celebrating microscopic beings, it is about how we at TEIC are tough and our small burn keeps surviving.This Event Is Cancelled (TEIC) is a Kansas official Burning Man Regional Event and is conducted in accordance with the 10 Principles.https://midwestburners.com/about/ten-principles-of-burning-man/

As well as recognizing Consent in addition to these principles.

No guns. No fireworks. No pets.

(ADA service animals permitted; we encourage you not to bring them due to the loud sounds and fire displays at the event)

TEIC is staffed entirely by volunteers, and is sponsored by Topeka Area Burners, a Chapter of Midwest Burners Association, a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation.