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The Borderland 2018

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If you have questions about the lottery process, please read the FAQ
For event related questions, please refer to the Facebook Group.
If you can’t seem to get answers in the Facebook Group, as a last resort you can email: info@theborderland.se

The Radical Inclusion Lottery!

At The Borderland, everything is art, including this registration process. It’s intriguing design will make you feel safe, while still being challenged. It will treat you fairly and equally, while still being special. It will tickle your hopes, caress your FOMO, while leading you steadfastly towards calmer water. This is how you can get on the ride:

  • Every participant going to The Borderland has to register a Burner Ticket profile on Burner Tickets.
  • Every participant must sign up for the Borderland Lottery. Lottery sign up starts at: Friday Feb 16, 17.00 CET.
  • To be clear, if you are going with a friend or lover, you BOTH have to register Burner Ticket profiles.
  • To register, each person has to go through a survey, to answer questions about their participation in the event.
  • Any profile signed up for the lottery before Friday Feb 23, 17.00 CET (one week later) will be entered into the membership lottery.
  • On Sunday Feb 25, 17.00 CET, the lottery will start by randomly placing everyone in a queue. You will get an email with a link where you can check your current place in the queue.
  • The system will start sending out invite emails, starting at the top of the list.
    When you get your invite email, you will have 24 hours to click the link and complete your payment, or the opportunity will be passed onto the next person in line.
  • Every invite will have the opportunity to confirm and pay for yourself, and one additional co-creator. However, that person needs to have a preregistered profile that has not already been confirmed and paid for. You will need the email connected to your friend’s profile to be able to pay for them.
    The lottery will progress until 2500 memberships have been confirmed and paid.