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The Borderland & Kiez Burn Membership Transfer Process FAQ

I have a membership I would like to transfer, how do I transfer it?

Follow these simple steps to initiate a transfer:

  1. Go to BurnerTickets.com and sign into the same account you purchased your memberships on.
  2. Click “My Events / Transfers” on the top menu.
  3. Find the membership you wish to transfers, and click the “Transfer” button.
  4. Type the email address (twice) of the user you wish to transfer your membership to.

You are now done! The user you wish to transfer to will receive an email with instructions on how to accept the membership.  You can cancel an active transfer at any time before it is accepted on your “My Events” page.

NOTE: We are not responsible if you type the wrong email address in this field. Once a user has accepted a membership from a transfer, the transaction should be considered final. You are responsible for handling any financial transaction related to the transfer. If we discover you have sold your membership for more than the price it was purchased for (scalping), we reserve the right to ban you from purchasing for future events. If we discover it before a transaction is made, we reserve the right to void your membership.

How do I accept a membership?

Once a membership owner has initiated a transfer, you will receive an email with further instructions. You will be prompted to log in, and then we will gather the same information that was required when registering for the lottery. The last “screen” of the transfer process will ask for your first and last name. Make sure that the name you enter matches your government issued identification! Note, if we already have your name on file this will be automatically populated. Changing the name here will change the name on your entire profile, and anything attached to your profile.

I didn’t receive my transfer email!

If you have not received your email within 1 hour of a transfer being initiated, please check your spam folder. If you still have trouble, contact us at fyd@burnertickets.com, in your email, please include the event name, and the email address that should be receiving the transfer.