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TTATC 12 (2022)

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Ticket transfer cutoff:  7/12/2022 at noon

Website: https://www.ttatc.com/

COVID Policy
With events and other pandemic policies constantly changing and no way of knowing where we will be at by the time our event rolls around mid-July. After posting some strong requirements right off the bat, and knowing we would be able to potentially scale them back as the time got closer, we have decided to simply follow state guidelines for our Covid requirements, which may change at any time. Currently, there are no state requirements for vaccination or pre-testing for outdoor recreation events, although they are highly recommended, HOWEVER this may change depending on the way of the pandemic. If the MN Dept of Health imposes any changes or requirements, we will be following them. But at this time, proof of vaccination or testing pre-event will not be required for TTATC12.
Note that most other upcoming regional Burns still have strong requirements in place. Obviously, for the safety of yourself and our community, vaccination (plus a booster) is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED for all attendees. At the event, feel free to ask others about their vaccination and/or test status if you wish, and then you can choose your social contacts/distance with others per your own comfort level. Clearly, if you are feeling ill or have any Covid symptoms at the time of the event, please stay home and don’t bring it to the rest of us! Even better yet, get/take a test before you come, so you know what’s up with you, FOR SURE!