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Urban Burn 2019

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Urban Burn Stockholm 2019 is the very bare bones version of a participatory festival, inspired by Burning Man. By buying a ticket, you will get access to a beautiful venue that could be transformed into whatever you want it to be. This year we will focus on building vertically along with radical self-expression, encouraging you to turn yourself into an masterpiece of art. As always, it is important to note that if no one comes along and creates something, the venue will be exactly as it is today for the duration of the event. In other words; expect nothing and bring it all. Urban Burn can be seen as an advanced potluck, where you contribution is essential for to the overall experience.

Everything, including security, ticketing, fire safety, is created by all of us. This is an experiment in creative freedom and participation, conceived, built, experienced and returned by nothing but its participants. Urban Burn is a non-profit event with no consumers, only co-creators. You are about to embark on an Occult Odyssey, set sail and come join us in the mythical landspace that is Blivande! We fill it with art, installations, love and awesomeness and then we empty it again. It’s magic, created by our communal effort and imagination.


This year we will have a venue where we set the restrictions ourselves. This mean we’ll have longer opening hours, and no alcohol permit. Finally we can have our own bar at Urban Burn!

Start Date: 201906/06

End Date: 2019/06/10

Tranfser End Date: 2019/06/04